Branchetti: a forty year long
and future-oriented bond

Black annealed wire, wire coils, wire in commercial spools: from the selection of the materials to the delivery, the workers of Metallurgica Branchetti never leave anything to chance and so they ensure high quality standards.

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Why choose Branchetti

Strong, flexible, reliable and of high-quality: these words describe perfectly not only our products, but also our company.


Research and Development

Ongoing investments in research and development allow us to produce the best annealed wire for packaging at highly competitive prices.

Innovative Technology

We use the most advanced machinery for drawn and thermal annealing processing of wire which ensures perfect mechanical features for our end products.

Accurate selection of raw materials

In order to produce our annealed wire, we must use only wire rods from the best international steelworks, which are certified and comply with EU regulations. It means that the quality of our products is guaranteed already in the selection phase.

Ongoing listening

Branchetti is a company which has worked for 40 years to satisfy its customers. It is a family run company and it provides ad hoc solutions for any working need.

Wide range of products to choose from

Branchetti produces daily black annealed wire coils, black annealed wire spools and black annealed wire rolls for the most different uses, e.g. paper, cardboard, plastic, private solid urban waste, alfalfa, fodder packaging.

Annealing process of wire

The optimum thermal annealing process of metal wire allows to improve ductility, improves the products’ structure, durability and processability. Thus, at Branchetti’s we can rely on high-performance furnaces that can improve exponentially our products’ quality.

Quality certification of annealed wire

Upon customer’s request, our Company can issue a test certificate free of charge which certifies the quality of our products, according to final lab examinations carried out right after wire’s processing.

Flexibility and customization

Our experience, coupled to the quality of our producing plants, allows us to meet all the different needs of our national and international customers.

Quick service

Since all the different kinds of black annealed wire spools, coils and commercial rolls are available in our warehouse, we can meet all the needs our customers may have very quickly.


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